Gitdoon Beardies

Izzy x Gadget puppies

Development of Pups

Gitdoon Aye Mac - stayed here at Gitdoon, and has his own page.

Gitdoon Slàinidh

HD: A (free)

ED / OCD free

MDR1 free licensing lifetime

Herding Instinct Test (BCC Scotland)

BH, Agility - work in progress

Gitdoon Slàinidh went to live with her owner Laura Grosser in Germany, where she does Agility and Sheep work. She is a very passionate young girl about everything she does. She is the perfect mix of both mother and father.

She has been a pleasure to watch grow and to see many other people fall in love with this special girl as much as we have.

from a young age she was always the boss - being the only girl in the litter.

She was the first to investigate everything and climb on whatever she could.

Pretty and perfect.

More about Slàinidh can be found on Laura's website:

Videos of Slàinidh can be found on Laura's Youtube account:

Gitdoon Brodie

Gitdoon Brodie went to live with his owner(s), Chris Ward and Cathrine Swan in Scotland, where he competes in Flyball for the Saltires. She is a very sweet boy, and is very much his mother in a male bigger body, he is the only pup out the litter who took more Izzy's shape than Gadgets - He also got all the coat.

He is a calm love-able dog who loves his Flyball and cuddles.

From a puppy he would play until tired and then take himself to bed to sleep - whereas the others would run until they dropped.

He is a wonderful dog with a fantastic personality  who is loved dearly by all who know him.

Gitdoon Watson

Gitdoon Watson went to live with his owner(s), Dev and Susan Kapadia and their two children,Scotland, where he enjoys the finer things in life as a pet - But still herding the chickens in the garden.

Watson was a very close running to a Hart dog and was Joan's favourite puppy - i know you shouldn't have favourites (woops) - they adored each other.

He is a very sweet boy, and is as dark as his mother. Such a stunning striking boy with such a cheeky look.

From a puppy Watson was always the smallest, at one point we questioned whether this boy would make it. We made sure he got one to one time with Izzy for feeding and he got a lot of extra attention. Though that never slowed him down and he was in fact the smallest, fastest little dog you could imagine. First pup to open his eyes and first pup to get on his feet.

He is a really special dog with a big heart.