Gitdoon Beardies

Izzy xJengo puppies

Development of Pups

Gitdoon Giggle - stayed here at Gitdoon, and has her own page.

Gitdoon Retro

Gitdoon Retro went to live with his owner Curtis Mullan in Northern Ireland.


He has developed into a confident, happy dog.


Agility wise: He is more than willing to work, has an instant power and lovely movement. He is quickly moving up the grades and has qualified for the World Agility Open Championships 2018 in the Netherlands in May for team Northern Ireland at only 2years old.


Links to Retro here:


Gitdoon Kody

Gitdoon Kody went to live with his owner Jackie Gray in Scotland


Kody is soft dog with a kind temperament.


Agility wise: Kody is training in agility and only just beginning his agility career. He is a powerful boy with plenty of pace. He and Jackie make for the perfect match. As Jackie cannot run well, Kody is learning distance handling and independence. He is coming on just nicely!


Links to Kody here:

Training 25/05/16: