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Gitdoon Gee Us A Giggle

Giggle is the puppy we kept from Izzy's second litter. 3rd born puppy by c-section, arriving at 5:15pm and weighing 485g, she was a very large healthy puppy.

As she was the only bitch in the litter, from the start she was not going anywhere and was to stay here at Gitdoon.


When working, Giggle is a real quick thinker, she does everything at a really nice pace and learns quicker than any of Jennifer's previous dogs. She likes to get it right and tries really hard to please. She has just started her agility career and is proving a joy to train and compete with.


Her temperament is very sweet and everyone who sees her face falls in love with her little "panda" look.  She is great with other dogs/humans but prefers to stay close to Jennifer. She does not fear off but in stead would rather not be fussed over.

Giggle is joint to Jennifer at the hip and follows her all round the house. Never leaving her side, a really loyal friend.


When chilling in the house, she has a great "off switch" which usually involves lying on Jennifer's knee(!)


She gives her all to any task thrown her way.

Giggle has been put on sheep once and took to it very well, showed great instinct and would excel with some more experience.


Giggle is constantly being complimented for her extreme cuteness and the amazing bond she has with Jennifer.

We are both very excited to see what the future brings with this young girlie.


- Joan


Agility Career:

Grade changes:

1st - Grade 3 Agility - 26 March 2017 (First Agility competition)

1st - Grade 4 Agility - 30 April 2017 (First Grade 4 competition)

1st - Grade 5 Jumping - 10 June 2017

1st - Grade 5 Agility - 22 July 2017

1st - Comb 4-5 Jumping - 19 August 2017

1st - Grade 6 Jumping - 17 September 2017

1st - Grade 6 Jumping - 24 March 2017

1st -  Grade 6 Agility - 15 April 2018

1st - Grade 6 Agility - 6th May 2018



  •  Qualified for the 1-3 Dog Vegas Final 2017

- First Place Processing Large Combined 1-3 Final winner!

  • Qualified for the Agility Secrets final combined 3-5 Agility
  • Qualified for the Kennel Club Olympia ABC Agility Stakes held at the International Agility Festival 2017 & 2018

- Placing 3rd and qualifying to compete in the Final held at Olympia in December 2017

  • Qualified for Crufts 2018 in the YKC Teams & YKC ABC
  • Qualified to run as part of the Scottish Team competing at the World Agility Open Championships in the Netherlands (2018 & 2019)


Links to Giggle working:



Wyre Show 2017 - First competition:

Olympia 2017 - ABC Final: - Feat. Giggle at 2:00-3:00 & run at 7:04

The ever-changing face of a Giggle:

Health Checks complete

DOB - 4th August 2015

WBCS No - 1209


Giggle's Pedigree