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Gitdoon Aye Mac

Mac is the puppy we kept from the Izzy x Gadget litter, 4th born at 1.17am weighing in at 340.2g he was a very healthy strong active pup.

As he matured and grew he only got nicer.


When working Mac puts 110% in everything, 100% of the time. He is powerful and a very fast learner.


His temperament is simply beautiful. He adores puppies and is great with other dogs, completely understands dogs space/body language and tends to keep to our pack.

He adores human contact and has a "wiggly bum" welcome to prove it.


When chilling at the house, his "off switch" is improving with age. Always has to be in with the action and watching.

He has always been a bit of a "buzzy" dog, but this has never been a bother and he will go and settle nicely once everything is shut down.


Mac is the type of dog that no matter what is asked of him he would excel.

He has been put on sheep once and took to it very well, more experience and he would be awesome - his sister (Gitdoon Slainidh) has had more experience and this proves my theory, simply stunning.

He is a sub 4 flyball dog and has a beautiful box turn - although our main focus is agility.

In agility everything comes very natural in training, he is powerful strong and quick. He turns so tight and can as accelerate from 0 to 60 with a simple word 'go'.


He is a soft sensible stable dog. With a lean athletic figure. He is extremely eye catching being so dark with such bright alert blue eyes. He is light on his feet and throws himself around.

And has never gone without a compliment.


- Joan


Agility Career:

Grade changes:

1st Grade 3 Agility - 18 August 2015




Links to Mac working:

KC Festival - Grade 3 Agility win:

Grade 4 Jumping:

Flyball training:


Health Checks complete

DOB - 29 November 2012

WBCS No - 1087

Mac's Pedigree